Referrals – What happens next ?

If you have been referred by the practice for further care you will have been advised of this during your consultation by a member of the clinical team, or via member of the admin team. If you have been sent for any investigations then you will receive a letter confirming the time and date (unless otherwise instructed)

Please be aware due to the current pandemic, hospital appointments may be delayed. Do not contact the practice as we have no control over the hospital waiting times. If you have been referred URGENTLY and an appointment has not yet been confirmed within 4 weeks, then please contact the practice. If you have been referred routinely and not heard within 12 weeks, then please contact the Health Records department on 0800 592 087.

The current waiting time for X-rays, Ultrasounds and CT scans is 16 weeks. Please contact the NHSGGC Radiology for further information on 0141 347 8379.